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When bone structure is missing, reconstructive surgery can add to existing bone. A tissue that is transplanted to become part of your body is known as a “graft.” Bone grafting is done in dentistry to build a solid foundation for dental restorations.

Different types of materials are used in bone grafting. Your dentist will advise you on which type of graft material will most effectively build bone in your situation. Certain dental restorations, such as implants, may not be possible without bone grafting. Bone grafting increases the amount of bone available to support these restorations and to build your jaws and gums into a more ideal form.

After treatment you must be careful not to chew near or disturb the surgical site. As with any wound healing, a faster result with fewer complications will occur if the surgery sight is left unharmed. Once the bone graft has healed the area can be treated normally.

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